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Keychain Bottle Opener

Having a drink to unwind after a long work day is essential. A bottle opener that is on your person at all times allows for this exhilarating experience to never be interupted.

Yeti Ramlber Colster

Drinking a warm beer or in this day in age a white claw is never fun. Keep your drink cold and worry about nothing else!

Takeya Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Staying hydrated during league nights only allows you to perform to the best of your abiliity. Also, Bobby Boucher personally recommends this water bottle. 

Detroit Lions Apron

Let that mess you make in the kitchen get all over the team that makes a mess on the field. 

Letscom Fitness Tracker

Keeping track of your activity throughout the day will either make you happy or extremely dissapointed, there's really no inbetween. So get out there, be active, and have proof of your hard work!

Mini Basketball Hoop

Become the best basketball player you can be right within the comfort of your own home. Just remember not to hang on the rim!

Michigan Throw Blanket

Keep warm with the help of maize and blue. Even though their football team hasn't been up to par for the past couple of years there's always basketball season to look foward to!

Baby Yoda

Alright, we know this may have nothing to do with the sport and social side of things, but come on it's Baby Yoda!

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