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Got what it takes? Come join the team!


MARKETING & SOCIAL MEDIA INTERN (learn to be a rockstar)

FACILITY & EVENT OPERATIONS INTERN (learn to host the party)

LEAGUE AMBASSADOR (run sport leagues)

REFEREE / UMPIRE (officiate games and apply rules)

UBER & LYFT DRIVERS: FLYERS  (hand out flyers to riders)

Mission Statement
Great Lakes Sport & Social Club's Mission We're the 'Real-Life' Facebook 
We bring people together, get them active, out of the house, and social. We network, connect, and inspire. Local people with local people, and local people with local businesses. Here, people make friends, not connections.

Making Money the Right Way
Offer top-of-the-line customer service, with a product that we can stand behind whole-heatedly.  Compensate our staff generously.  Reduce energy waste.  Give back to our City.  

All Inclusive
We seek to be a neutral club of people who appreciates and respects all individuals.  To us, there is no difference between sex, gender affiliation, age, or race.  Last we checked, there's only one race, that's the human race.  We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind.  We seek to foster a safe environment that is comfortable, accepting, fun, healthy, and accessible.

Core Values
GROWING THE FRIENDS ZONE - Many ways to take this, and we mean them all.
OUR PLEASURE - We provide a personality, not just a service.  
ALL IN, 616% - We put in all our ability and attention into everything we do and touch.  All the time, every time.  
LEADING 1 ALL-INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY - Creating a playground for big kids, embracing an all inclusive vibe 
BE THE BEST PART OF THEIR DAY! - The exclamation point at the end is a tell-all symbol of who we are.

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