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GRSSC Values/Mission

Mission Statement
Great Lakes Sport & Social Club's Mission: We're the 'Real-Life' Facebook We bring people together, get them active, out of the house, and social. We network, connect, and inspire. Local people with local people, and local people with local businesses. Here, people make friends, not connections.

Bringing People Together

GRSSC provides a fun and safe environment that brings people together to socialize.  We use coed recreational sports as a medium to accomplish this goal.

Local Business and Grand Rapids Development

We are committed to raise awareness of local businesses, raising appreciation for the community, and providing a safe, clean, and friendly environment for individuals to socialize.

Individuals regardless of race, sex, age or affiliation

We seek to be a neutral club of people who appreciates and respects all individuals.  We do not tolerate discrimination.  We seek to foster an environment that is comfortable, accepting, fun and accessible.

Core Values
GROWING THE FRIENDS ZONE - Many ways to take this, and we mean them all.
OUR PLEASURE - We provide a personality, not just a service.  
ALL IN, 616% - We put in all our ability and attention into everything we do and touch.  All the time, every time.  
LEADING 1 ALL-INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY - Creating a playground for big kids, embracing an all inclusive vibe 
STRIVING TO BE THE BEST PART OF THEIR DAY! - The exclamation point at the end is a tell-all symbol of who we are.

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