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Why We're The Best Choice

8 solid reasons to endorse your employees to play with us!

It's a work out and you don't even know it.  For example, by playing in our coed dodgeball league, you can expect to burn up to 360 calories in just one hour.

We're a "Friend Factory".  Our players make long-lasting friendships here.  Many say better friends than they can find in high school or college.  Why would you ever want to leave your job if all your best friends work there?

Healthy is cheaper.   We all know that a healthier employee uses less sick-days, less insurance, and therefore is cheaper to employ.   We'll keep them healthy and disguise it as "socializing".

We're the only ones with an after-party!  We plan the entire thing so your employees can socialize, recap on their sport-highlight experiences, and solidify their newly-bonded relationships over pre-negotiated food and drink specials.

Your employees will LOVE you.  Our players meet, play, and socialize with hundreds of other peers.  We are integrated into their social lives both on and off the field.  Have your employee play with us and their social life will thank you.  Plus, why in the world would anyone want to leave their job if their company is the provider of their epic social life? 

We have variety.  Beyond our 12 different sport leagues that we offer, we offer customization for any sport or team-building event.  from one-day programs to 7-week leagues, we have exactly what you are looking for.

We're local guys.  We are a local company, powered by local people.  We organize events in local parks.  We're grass-roots.  We're organic.  We're one-of-a-kind.

We're a One-Stop Shop.  Happiness, healthy, fun, social, team-building, cohesion, exercise, synergy, calorie-burning, and active, all wrapped up into one perfect package.

Did you know that GRSSC has a multitude of opportunities to get your brand in the game, boasting numerous touch-points, game interactive inclusions, and fully customized marketing solutions?  That's right!  In fact, let us show you.  Check out our  Sponsorship Deck which should help paint a better picture of who we are, who our players are, and how effective we are at brand activation.  If interested, we'd love to talk more.  Thanks for checking us out!

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