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Baden ASA Fire Synthetic Cover Slowpitch Softball 12"

Try and stick to using your glove when catching this ball because it really isn't that soft. One thing it has in common with the Joker is that their worst enemy is a bat. Make sure you buy in bulk though, because it's only a matter a time before you're hitting these out of the park!

Rawlings Player Preferred Adult Baseball/Softball Glove Series

Don't take your eye off the ball, stick your catching hand up in the air, and let this glove do the work. This may make a softball players life easier, however, the best part about this glove is how good the leather smells!

Mizuno Finch Jennie Fastpich Softball Bat

Point to the sky before you step up to the plate and swing as hard as possible. We know this is a nice bat, but no you can't carry it while you run around the bases!

Glow In the Dark Waterbottle

Water is a necessity when doing any kind of physical activity. This glow in the dark water bottle will be perfect for any late night games or theme nights!


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