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New For 2020


New Bar Partners!


Your Grand Rapids Sport & Social Clubs has just teamed up with an amazing bar partner! We’re pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with both Hopcat & Grand Rapids Brewing Company as part of our Barfly partnership. Keep your eyes peeled for some amazing specials, Club based events, and giveaway opportunities for Barfly based events in the near future!  This partnership will surely have something to quench your thirst (foreshadowing).



Studio Park Partnership!

Now playing at a theatre near you... an amazing partnership that will serve as a host to upcoming leagues and events.  A perfect place to kick back and relax with a cold one because you can bring your drink out to enjoy in the courtyard!



Website Version 3.0!

We're always striving to make our player's experience the best it can be!  That is why we are moving forward with updating our website to help give our teams and players an even more dynamic and interactive feel.  We hope you'll enjoy it as much as you love playing with us!


Epic Awards Parties Are Back!

For all of our OG's, you may remember these Oscar themed gala events that were hosted by the Godfather himself.  Well guess what?  He's decided to bring them back!  Dust off your party shoes and get ready to dress to impress for these epic awards parties which will be hosted twice a year (end of Fall 20' season & end of Spring Season 21')




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